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Länktips: Psychoanalysis and homosexuality: moving on

Posted on 15 April 2012 by Jakob Mechler

This conference explores the current state of mind within the psychoanalytic community on the question of homosexuality, ranging across some key scientific questions to what steps need to be taken to allow the profession to be more accessible to gay and lesbian trainees and patients. In so doing, it is hoped to renew the creative and rigorous development of psychoanalytic thought around psychosexuality and begin to reclaim the movement’s original home ground.

And if you’re struggling to come to terms with this new perspective – you’ll have to try and get over yourself. A cherished opinion sincerely held but unsupported by research or credible theory, as we know, is actually just a prejudice.

Bland annat finns en text av Peter Fonagy där han går igenom hur synen på homosexualitet sett ut  inom psykoanalysen genom historien.

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